Savage Lust


Night Seekers, Book 5


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Night Seekers, Book 5

The Night Seekers, a clandestine group of humans and wolf shifters, are on the trail of the Chupacabra. For team member Dante Martello, killing as many of the beasts as possible is the only thing easing the loss of his wife. Felicia fell victim to the creature years ago, but Dante’s pain is as fresh as ever. He’s a hollow shell, his existence narrowed to a single-minded purpose. Making him completely unprepared for Regan Fortune, who jumpstarts a heart—and libido—he’d thought long dead.

Killed while researching the Chupacabra, Regan’s brother is the latest victim of the beast—and his fiancée is still missing. Even as Dante and Regan embark on a hunt to avenge her brother, find the missing woman, and prevent further deaths, the couple can’t deny the attraction exploding between them. Sizzling erotic nights blunt their mutual pain and hint at a possible future…if they can catch the madman responsible for unleashing the legendary beast.