How do I download my books from the Books By Desiree Online Shop?

You can’t download your books directly from our website. Instead you’ll receive an email with the download link from a service we use that is called BookFunnel.

You will be receiving an email from help@bookfunnel.com with the link to download the book. If you have any trouble, click the help link at the top of the BookFunnel page and they’ll be happy to help.

If you did not receive your download email, click here: http://bookfunnel.com/help

You have 14 days to download the book files, and can request additional time by visiting BookFunnel.com/help

On the BookFunnel Download page you can download the format you need: MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB (for everything else, e.g. iBooks, Nook and Kobo) or simply download both.

Please note PDF is not available.

Do I have to install an app in order to download/transfer my books?

BookFunnel has got an app for downloading books that they recommend for Kindle Fire readers and some Android device readers. It is not required, but it makes it very easy for you to download your book wirelessly. Their app exists only to make the download faster and simpler, and has no ads, no tracking, and no pop-ups.

You can get the app here: http://getbookfunnel.com/

For Kindle readers, BookFunnel also put together a few videos that show you how to download books from BookFunnel to your Kindle reader without their app.

My computer crashed and I lost all of my books, can I re-download my purchase?

Yes. Again contact BookFunnel.com/help or send us an email at shop @ booksbydesiree.com (w/o spaces).

Do you give refunds?

Mistakes can happen to all of us. In case you purchase accidentally the wrong book(s), we will refund your money or send you the right book instead (if the price is the same). However, if you have downloaded the book(s) prior to asking for a refund, we consider you to have bought them.

Don’t download the books and email shop @ booksbydesiree.com (w/o spaces) right away.